Post-Event Video: Pembroke May Ball 2019: Ember


Launch Formal: Sunday 23rd February 2020

Pembroke Ticket Release: 10am Monday 24th February 2020

General Ticket Release: 10am Monday 9th March 2020

Ball: 8pm Wednesday 17th June 2020



Pembroke £117 | Guests £142

The standard May Ball ticket covers the full nine hours of sumptious food and drink, as well as a diverse range of top quality music and entertainment, in the transformed, idyllic gardens of Pembroke College.

Late Entry

Pembroke £97 | Guests £122

For a reduced price, guests will be permitted entry into the grounds from 10pm, from which point the tickets will be undifferentiable from the standard tickets. These tickets are limited to 100 in total on a first come, first serve basis; they may only be purchased by Pembroke students with up to one guest.


Pembroke £87

This ticket is identical to the standard ticket but is only available to Pembroke students on (any level of) a University of Cambridge bursary. Other Pembroke students who wish to apply for these tickets may apply but must send a supporting email from their Tutor, or their ticket will be reverted to the standard type.

Frequently Asked Questions
All emails are sent to both the ticket holder and each of their guests, where applicable.
We currently only support local bank transfers. If you do not have a local bank account, please use the following TransferWise link to pay for your ticket. This will allow you to avoid international fees and ensure that your payment arrives in time.
Please ensure that you enter the bank reference when requested.
Guests receive an email containing their unique bank reference and amount to pay. Either you or your guest may pay for the ticket. The system only needs a payment with the correct amount and reference to be successfully processed (it does not check the sender).
Please ensure that each guest ticket is paid for using the unique reference for each ticket.
Please email and include the following details:
  • Bank details that the payment was sent from.
  • The full name of the bank account holder.
  • The time the payment was sent.
  • The correct bank reference.
This will help expedite your request. You may continue to receive payment reminders - please ignore these if you have paid. Requests will be handled within 4 days.
If you've yet to purchase any tickets, then you can add additional tickets to your basket using the Add Ticket (+) link at the bottom of the form. If you've already purchased a ticket, and you have a Raven login, visit the ticketing site. If you do not have a Raven login, please email
There are a limited number of tickets in each category, and some tickets are held back to ensure all Pembroke Students are guaranteed tickets. If there are no tickets left in the requested category, you'll be placed into a first come first serve queue that will automatically allocate tickets once they become available.
Please email detailing your request before the payment deadline. Each request is handled on a case by case basis. Failure to email will result in your ticket being automatically cancelled.
Login to your account on the ticketing site. Then, under the relevant ticket, click request a name change. Enter in the new ticket-holder's details. Both the original ticket owner and the new ticket owner will receive an email containing the bank reference and name change fee. Once the name change has been paid for, another confirmation email will be generated. The ticket must be fully paid for before this option becomes available.
Login to your account at the ticketing site.. Then, under the relevant ticket, click cancel this ticket. Confirm the cancellation on the following screen. An email will be sent out to the ticket owner and relevant guest (if applicable) containing another confirmation link. This must be clicked within 24 hours. If the ticket has been paid for, this option will not be present.
Each Pembroke student is allowed to request 3 guest tickets. This allocation is not guaranteed, and is issued on a first come first serve basis.
Yes. Follow the instructions to name change a ticket. The name change fee will include the difference in ticket cost.
Please email and we'll be happy to arrange any suitable access requirements.
Tickets are only available for purchase by Pembroke students, Pembroke Alumni and current university students and staff. If you'd like a ticket, please arrange with anyone who falls in the above categories to purchase you a guest ticket.
Ticket confirmations are sent out within 72 hours of payment. If you still haven't received confirmation after this time, please email, and quote your bank reference.
Only Pembroke Students who have a University of Cambridge bursary are eligible for bursary tickets. Other Pembroke students who do not fit into this category may apply through their Tutor.
Please enter in as many characters as allowed. This should not cause any issues as the name is for your records only.
The following details are required for all tickets, including guest tickets:
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Ticket type
  • Dietary requirements
Unfortunately not. We are legally required to verify the age of all our guests to ensure that everyone attending is over the age of 18.
If you are the account holder, please login to If you are a guest, please contact the person who purchased your ticket.
Unfortunately we cannot refund your ticket. Please arrange to name change the ticket to someone who would like to attend.
Please email If you have already requested a ticket, please ensure that you add the bank reference(s) pertaining to the relevant ticket(s). If you are on the waiting list, please login to your account and add the Ticket ID visible on the page. Please do not email with payment confirmations unless requested. Emails will be responded to within 4 days. Urgent queries will be dealt with accordingly, so please don't panic if you do not receive an immediate response.

Finally, please be reminded that ticketing issues are dealt with by us students. We will always do our best to help but we receive hundreds of emails a week and also need some time for our degrees!